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WorkThrive is a simple solution developed to track the performance of your employees on a daily basis, doing away with the need for annual performance appraisals. Our system provides key metrics that enables you to not only compare employee's performance, but also the performance of teams, giving you deeper daily insights into the mechanics of your employees.

Why Workthrive and why not someone else?

At its core, Workthrive is based on the ideas of simplicity and value. Unlike other solutions on the market, our main purpose is to make your performance review process easier than what it already is. With Workthrive you should be spending less time reviewing the performance of staff, but ultimately receiving more valuable insights than your traditional performance review process.

By making your performance process simpler, did you know that your also saving money? On average, companies waste $120,000 worth of billable hours preparing for performance reviews. Other solutions also charge a fixed upfront fee to adopt their solution, making it more expensive to make performance reviews more efficient. But at Workthrive we don’t believe in upfront costs, making the transformation to an efficient performance management solution cost effective for small and medium sized businesses.

Benefits of using Workthrive


Resolve problems before they happen

Workthrive's daily insights enable managers to proactively identify, address, and resolve issues in performance


Empower Employees

Workthrive enables you to recognise achievements and good performance with ease, making rewarding employees a whole lot easier.


Achieve Your Goals

Workthrive enables you to set goals that are aligned with the organisation's mission, and keep track of how your employees are performing.


Ready to grow ?

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